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Wet Panties

Wet Panties : the subtile mix of girls' scent and taste...

Sniffing Wet Panties is my big fantasy... It brings to me much more pleasure than just having sex... Who can say that he never tried to discretely grab and sniff Wet Panties from a cute girl ?! Huh ?! Ok. I confess that I feel a bit guilty when doing so... But when I imagine that this Wet Panties was just sticking to a tasteful pussy just a few minutes ago, I can't help sniffing it !

So... Don't you agree now ? ;)

To convince you, here are some pics of 2 Wet Panties that I would like to sniff and to lick...

wet panties worn wet panties

So now you tell me : "ok dude. One pair of Wet Panties is fine. But I'd rather like to sniff two pairs of Wet Panties !" My answer is : no,

it's much better to sniff a smelly Wet Panties!"

Here is my story... Nothing obliged me to come to that conclusion, but it happened that one day, a girl-friend of mine did forget her Panties in my room. It was a simple black pair of Panties, nothing special. But I was curious and I just felt like smelling it... Why not ? When I grabbed it, I was so surprised to notice that her Panties was still wet, full a scent, dirt, excitation... I was just feeling like in heaven, remembering our last love night, when I was licking her pussy... This Wet Panties was a complete bitter-sweet symphony! I kept it in my room, among my underwear, and this is how I started to sniff girls' Wet Panties !

And now, just for pleasure, a new Wet Panties :

wet panties of girl

Oh !! Me too, I want to have my own girl Wet Panties to sniff !

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